2 Samuel 2:29

Overview - 2 Samuel 2
David, by God's direction, with his company goes up to Hebron, where he is made king of Judah.
He commends them of Jabesh-gilead for their kindness to Saul.
Abner makes Ishbosheth king of Israel.
12 A mortal skirmish between twelve of Abner's and twelve of Joab's men.
18 Asahel is slain.
25 At Abner's motion, Joab sounds a retreat.
32 Asahel's burial.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Samuel 2:29  (King James Version)
And Abner and his men walked all that night through the plain, and passed over Jordan, and went through all Bithron, and they came to Mahanaim.

Bithron or Bether is probably the same as {Betarus,} which is placed in the Antonine Itinerary between Caesarea of Palestine and Diospolis or Lydda, 18 miles from the former, and 22 from the latter. The Jerusalem Itinerary mentions a place called Bethar, 16 miles from Caesarea, and 20 from Diospolis, which is probably the same. The Talmudists say that it was four miles distant from the sea.
Solomon 2:17