Daniel 2:25

Overview - Daniel 2
Nebuchadnezzar, forgetting his dream, requires it of the Chaldeans, by promises and threatenings.
10 They acknowledging their inability are judged to die.
14 Daniel obtaining some respite finds the dream.
19 He blesses God.
24 He staying the decree is brought to the king.
31 The dream.
36 The interpretation.
46 Daniel's advancement.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Daniel 2:25  (King James Version)
Then Arioch brought in Daniel before the king in haste, and said thus unto him, I have found a man of the captives of Judah, that will make known unto the king the interpretation.

Proverbs 24:11 ; Ecclesiastes 9:10

I have
Chal. That I have. captives of Judah. Chal.
children of the captivity of Judah.
1:6 6:13 Nehemiah 7:6 ; 1 Corinthians 1:27 1 Corinthians 1:28