Genesis 19:6

Overview - Genesis 19
Lot entertains two angels.
The vicious Sodomites are smitten with blindness.
12 Lot is warned, and in vain warns his sons-in-law.
15 He is directed to flee with his family to the mountains, but obtains leave to go into Zoar.
24 Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed.
26 Lot's wife becomes a pillar of salt.
29 Lot dwells in a cave.
31 The incestuous origin of Moab and Ammon.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Genesis 19:6  (King James Version)
And Lot went out at the door unto them, and shut the door after him,

Judges 19:23

Two words are here used for door: the first {pethach,} which is the door-way, at which Lot went out; the latter, {deleth,} the leaf of the door, which he shut after him when out.