Joshua 12:3

Overview - Joshua 12
The two kings whose countries Moses took and disposed of.
The one and thirty kings on the other side of Jordan which Joshua smote.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Joshua 12:3  (King James Version)
And from the plain to the sea of Chinneroth on the east, and unto the sea of the plain, even the salt sea on the east, the way to Bethjeshimoth; and from the south, under Ashdothpisgah:

sea of Chinneroth
This inland sea, or rather lake, which drives its several names, the Lake of Tiberias, Sea of Galilee, Lake of Gennesareth, from the territory which forms its western and south-western border, is computed to be between seventeen and eighteen miles in length, and from five to six in breadth. The waters of this lake, which are sweet and agreeable, lie in a deep basin, surrounded with lofty hills, except at the north and south, where it is a plain country or level. There is a current through the whole lake even to the shore; and the Jordan through it is discernible by the smoothness of the surface in that part. Its appearance from the north- western extremity is said by Mr. Buckingham to be exceedingly grand; but the barren aspect of the mountains on each side, and the total absence of wood, give a cast of dullness to the picture.
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Sea of Tiberias
the sea.
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the south
or, Teman. Ashdoth-pisgah. or, the springs of
Pisgah, or, the hill.
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Deuteronomy 4:49