Matthew 27:28

Overview - Matthew 27
Christ is delivered bound to Pilate.
Judas hangs himself.
19 Pilate, admonished of his wife,
20 and being urged by the multitude, washes his hands, and looses Barabbas.
27 Christ is mocked and crowned with thorns;
33 crucified;
39 reviled;
50 dies, and is buried;
62 his sepulchre is sealed and watched.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Matthew 27:28  (King James Version)
And they stripped him, and put on him a scarlet robe.

Mark 15:17 ; Luke 23:11 ; John 19:2-5

a scarlet robe
Mark calls it a purple robe; but by [porphura ] is denoted whatever is of
a dazzling red; and the words [kokkinos ,] scarlet, and
[porphura ,] purple, are not
infrequently interchanged.