Numbers 1:14

Overview - Numbers 1
God commands Moses to number the people.
The princes of the tribes.
17 The number of every tribe.
47 The Levites are exempted for the service of the Lord.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Numbers 1:14  (King James Version)
Of Gad; Eliasaph the son of Deuel.

7:42 10:20

Son of Reuel

As the [d,] {daleth} is very like the [r,] {resh,} they might be easily mistaken for each other; and hence this person being called both Duel and Ruel, may be easily accounted for. The Septuagint and Syriac have Reuel, in this chapter; and in ch. 2:14 the Samaritan, Vulgate, and Arabic have Deuel, instead of Reuel, with which reading a vast number of MSS
concur, and which is also supported by ch. 7:42 10:20 . We may therefore safely conclude, the Duel, and not Ruel, was the original reading.