Josiah's Last Deeds and Death

20 After all this that Josiah had prepared for the temple, Neco king of Egypta marched up to fight at Carchemish by the Euphrates, and Josiah went out to confront him.
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      21 But Neco sent messengers to him, saying, "What is [the issue] between you and me, king of Judah?b I have not come against you todayc but to the dynastyd I am fighting. God told me to hurry. Stop opposing God who is with me; don't make Him destroy you!"
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        • j 35:21 - 2 Ch 25:19; Jdg 11:12
        • k 35:21 - LXX, Syr, Tg, Vg; MT reads Not against you, you today
        • l 35:21 - Lit house
          22 But Josiah did not turn away from him; instead, in order to fight with him he disguised himself.e He did not listen to Neco's words from the mouth of God, but went to the Valley of Megiddo to fight.
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            • m 35:22 - LXX reads he was determined
              23 The archers shot King Josiah, and he said to his servants, "Take me away, for I am severely wounded!"f
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                  24 So his servants took him out of the war chariot, carried him in his second chariot, and brought him to Jerusalem. Then he died, and they buried him in the tomb of his fathers. All Judah and Jerusalem mourned for Josiah.