2 Chronicles 4:12-18 CSB

Completion of the Bronze Furnishings

12 two pillars; the bowls and the capitals on top of the two pillars; the two gratings for covering both bowls of the capitals that were on top of the pillars;

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      13 the 400 pomegranates for the two gratings (two rows of pomegranates for each grating covering both capitals' bowls on top of the pillars).
      14 He also made the water cartsa and the basins on the water carts.

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        • q 4:14 - Lit the stands
          15 The one reservoir and the 12 oxen underneath it,
          16 the pots, the shovels, the forks, and all their utensils-Huram-abib made them for King Solomon for the Lord's temple. [All these were made] of polished bronze.

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            • r 4:16 - Lit Huram my father
              17 The king had them cast in clay molds in the Jordan Valley between Succoth and Zeredah.
              18 Solomon made all these utensils in such great abundance that the weight of the bronze was not determined.c

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                • s 4:18 - 1 Kg 7:40-47