Genesis 29:1-6 CSB

Jacob Meets Rachel

1 Jacob resumed his journeya and went to the eastern country.b

References for Genesis 29:1

    • a 29:1 - Lit Jacob picked up his feet
    • b 29:1 - Lit the land of the children of the east
      2 He looked and saw a well in a field. Three flocks of sheep were lying there beside it because the sheep were watered from this well. A large stone covered the opening of the well.
      3 When all the flocksc were gathered there, the [shepherds] would roll the stone from the opening of the well and water the sheep. The stone was then placed back on the well's opening.

      References for Genesis 29:3

        • c 29:3 - Sam, some LXX mss read flocks and the shepherds
          4 Jacob asked the men at the well, "My brothers! Where are you from?" "We're from Haran," they answered.
          5 "Do you know Laban son of Nahor?" Jacob asked them. They answered, "We know [him]."
          6 "Is he well?" Jacob asked. "Yes," they said, "and here is his daughter Rachel, coming with his sheep."