Genesis 36:1-7 CSB

Esau's Family

1 These are the family records of Esau (that is, Edom).a

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      2 Esau took his wives from the Canaanite women: Adah daughter of Elon the Hittite,b Oholibamah daughter of Anah and granddaughterc of Zibeon the Hivite;

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        • b 36:2 - Gn 26:34
        • c 36:2 - Sam, LXX read Anah son
          3 and Basemath daughter of Ishmael and sister of Nebaioth.d

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              4 Adah bore Eliphaz to Esau, Basemath bore Reuel,
              5 and Oholibamah bore Jeush, Jalam, and Korah. These were Esau's sons, who were born to him in the land of Canaan.
              6 Esau took his wives, sons, daughters, and all the people of his household, as well as his herds, all his livestock, and all the property he had acquired in Canaan; he went to a land away from his brother Jacob.
              7 For their possessions were too many [for them] to live together, and because of their herds, the land where they stayed could not support them.