Haggai 1:7-11 CSB

7 The Lord of Hosts says this: "Think carefully abouta your ways.

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    • h 1:7 - Lit Place your heart on
      8 Go up into the hills, bring down lumber, and build the house. Then I will be pleased with it and be glorified," says the Lord.
      9 "You expected much, but then it amounted to little. When you brought [the harvest] to your house, I ruinedb it. Why?" [This is] the declaration of the Lord of Hosts. "Because My house still lies in ruins, while each of you is busy with his own house.

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        • i 1:9 - Lit blew on
          10 So on your account,c the skies have withheld the dew and the land its crops.d

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            • j 1:10 - Or So above you
            • k 1:10 - Lv 26:20; Dt 11:17; 1 Kg 17:1
              11 I have summoned a drought on the fields and the hills, on the grain, new wine, olive oil, and whatever the ground yields, on the people and animals, and on all that your hands produce."