Hosea 12:1-7 CSB

God's Case against Jacob's Heirs

1 Ephraim chasesa the wind and pursues the east wind. He continually multiplies lies and violence. He makes a covenant with Assyria, and olive oil is carried to Egypt.

References for Hosea 12:1

    • a 12:1 - Or feeds on, or tends
      2 The Lord also has a dispute with Judah. He is about to punish Jacob according to his ways; He will repay him based on his actions.
      3 In the womb he grasped his brother's heel,b and as an adult he wrestled with God.c

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        • b 12:3 - Gn 25:26; 27:36
        • c 12:3 - Gn 32:24-28
          4 Jacob struggled with the Angel and prevailed; he wept and sought His favor. He found himd at Bethel, and there He spoke with him.ef

          References for Hosea 12:4

            • d 12:4 - Or Him
            • e 12:4 - LXX, Syr; MT reads us
            • f 12:4 - Gn 28:10-22; 35:1-14
              5 Yahweh is the God of Hosts; Yahweh is His name.
              6 But you must return to your God. Maintain love and justice, and always put your hope in God.
              7 A merchant loves to extort with dishonest scales in his hands.