An Oracle against Moab

1 An oracle against Moab: Ar in Moab is devastated, destroyed in a night. Kir in Moab is devastated, destroyed in a night.

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      2 Dibon went up to its temple to weep at its high places. Moab wails on Nebo and ata Medeba. Every head is shaved; every beard is cut off.

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        • a 15:2 - Or wails over Nebo and over
          3 In its streets they wear sackcloth; on its rooftops and in its public squares everyone wails, falling down and weeping.
          4 Heshbon and Elealeh cry out; their voices are heard as far away as Jahaz. Therefore the soldiers of Moab cry out, and they tremble.b

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            • b 15:4 - Lit out, he trembles within himself
              5 My heart cries out over Moab, whose fugitives [flee] as far as Zoar, to Eglath-shelishiyah; they go up the slope of Luhith weeping; they raise a cry of destruction on the road to Horonaim.
              6 The waters of Nimrim are desolate; the grass is withered, the foliage is gone, and the vegetation has vanished.
              7 So they carry their wealth and belongings over the Wadi of the Willows.
              8 For their cry echoes throughout the territory of Moab. Their wailing reaches Eglaim; their wailing reaches Beer-elim.
              9 The waters of Dibonc are full of blood, but I will bring on Dibond even more [than this]- a lion for those who escape from Moab, and for the survivors in the land.

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                • c 15:9 - DSS, some LXX mss, Vg; MT reads Dimon
                • d 15:9 - DSS, some LXX mss, Vg; MT reads Dimon