Lamentations 1:1-9 CSB

Lament over Jerusalem


1 Howa she sits alone,b the city [once] crowded with people! She who was great among the nations has become like a widow. The princess among the provinces has become a slave.

References for Lamentations 1:1

    • a 1:1 - The stanzas in Lm 1-4 form an acrostic.
    • b 1:1 - Lm 3:28


      2 She weeps aloud during the night, with tears on her cheeks. There is no one to offer her comfort, [not one] from all her lovers.c All her friends have betrayed her; they have become her enemies.

      References for Lamentations 1:2

        • c 1:2 - Jerusalem's political allies; Jr 22:20-22; Ezk 23


          3 Judah has gone into exile followingd affliction and harsh slavery; she lives among the nations but finds no place to rest.e All her pursuers have overtaken her in narrow places.

          References for Lamentations 1:3

            • d 1:3 - Or because of
            • e 1:3 - Dt 28:65; Ps 116:7


              4 The roads to Zion mourn, for no one comes to the appointed festivals.f All her gates are deserted; her priests groan, her young women grieve, and she herself is bitter.

              References for Lamentations 1:4

                • f 1:4 - Dt 16:16; 2 Ch 8:13


                  5 Her adversaries have become [her] masters;g her enemies are at ease,h for the Lord has made her suffer because of her many transgressions. Her children have gone away as captives before the adversary.

                  References for Lamentations 1:5

                    • g 1:5 - Dt 28:13,44
                    • h 1:5 - Jb 3:26; 12:6; Jr 12:1


                      6 All her splendori has vanished from Daughter Zion.j Her leaders are like stags that find no pasture; they walk away exhausted before the hunter.

                      References for Lamentations 1:6

                        • i 1:6 - Ezk 27:10
                        • j 1:6 - Lm 2:1,4,8; 4:22


                          7 During the days of her affliction and homelessnessk Jerusalem remembers all her precious belongings that were [hers] in days of old. When her people fell into the adversary's hand, she had no one to help. The adversaries looked at her, laughing over her downfall.

                          References for Lamentations 1:7

                            • k 1:7 - Lm 3:19; Isa 58:7


                              8 Jerusalem has sinned grievously; therefore, she has become an object of scorn.l All who honored her [now] despise her, for they have seen her nakedness. She herself groans and turns away.

                              References for Lamentations 1:8

                                • l 1:8 - Or become impure


                                  9 Her uncleanness [stains] her skirts.m She never considered her end. Her downfall was astonishing; there was no one to comfort her. Lord, look on my affliction, for the enemy triumphs!

                                  References for Lamentations 1:9

                                    • m 1:9 - Jr 13:22,26; Nah 3:5