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Leviticus 17:10-16 (Holman Christian Standard)

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Eating Blood and Carcasses Prohibited

10 "Anyone from the house of Israel or from the foreigners who live among them who eats any blood, I will turna against that person who eats blood and cut him off from his people.b 11 For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have appointed it to you to make atonement on the altar forc your lives, since it is the lifeblood that makes atonement.d 12 Therefore I say to the Israelites: None of you and no foreigner who lives among you may eat blood. 13 "Any Israelite or foreigner living among them, who hunts down a wild animal or bird that may be eaten must drain its bloode and cover it with dirt. 14 Since the life of every creature is its blood, I have told the Israelites: You must not eat the blood of any creature, because the life of every creature is its blood; whoever eats it must be cut off. 15 "Every person, whether the native or the foreigner, who eats an animal that died a natural death or was mauled by wild beastsf is to wash his clothes and bathe with water, and he will remain unclean until evening; he will be clean. 16 But if he does not wash [his clothes] and bathe himself, he will bear his punishment."
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