Numbers 15:10-20 CSB

10 Also present two quartsa of wine as a drink offering. It is a fire offering of pleasing aroma to the Lord.

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    • j 15:10 - Lit a half hin
      11 This is to be done for each ox, ram, lamb, or goat.
      12 This is how you must prepare each of them, no matter how many.
      13 "Every Israelite is to prepare these things in this way when he presents a fire offering as a pleasing aroma to the Lord.
      14 When a foreigner resides with you or someone else is among you and wants to prepare a fire offering as a pleasing aroma to the Lord, he is to do exactly as you do throughout your generations.
      15 The assembly is to have the same statute forb both you and the foreign resident as a permanent statute throughout your generations. You and the foreigner will be alike before the Lord.

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        • k 15:15 - Sam, LXX join The assembly to v. 14, reading Lord, the assembly must do exactly as you do. 15 The same statute will apply to
          16 The same law and the same ordinance will apply to both you and the foreigner who resides with you."c

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            • l 15:16 - Ex 12:19,49; Lv 16:29-31; 17:8-16
              17 The Lord instructed Moses:
              18 "Speak to the Israelites and tell them: After you enter the land where I am bringing you,
              19 you are to offer a contribution to the Lord when you eat from the food of the land.
              20 You are to offer a loaf from your first batch of doughd as a contribution; offer it just like a contribution from the threshing floor.e

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                • m 15:20 - Neh 10:37; Ezk 44:30
                • n 15:20 - Lv 2:14