Numbers 1:1-6 CSB

The Census of Israel

1 The Lord spoke to Moses in the tent of meeting in the Wilderness of Sinai, on the first [day] of the second month of the second yeara after Israel's departure from the land of Egypt:

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    • a 1:1 - Ex 12:40-41; 19:1; 40:17
      2 "Take a censusb of the entire Israelite community by their clans and their ancestral houses, counting the names of every male one by one.

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        • b 1:2 - Nm 26:2; Ex 30:11-16
          3 You and Aaron are to register those who are 20 years old or more by their military divisions-everyone who can serve in Israel's army.c

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            • c 1:3 - Lit everyone going out to war in Israel
              4 A man from each tribe is to be with you, each one the head of his ancestral house.
              5 These are the names of the men who are to assist you: Elizur son of Shedeur from Reuben;
              6 Shelumiel son of Zurishaddai from Simeon;