Deuteronomy 32:3-6 NIV

3 I will proclaim1 the name of the LORD.2 Oh, praise the greatness3 of our God!

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4 He is the Rock,4 his works are perfect,5 and all his ways are just. A faithful God6 who does no wrong, upright7 and just is he.8

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      5 They have acted corruptly toward him; to their shame they are no longer his children, but a warped and crooked generation.a9

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        • a 32:5 - Or "Corrupt are they and not his children, / a generation warped and twisted to their shame"
          6 Is this the way you repay10 the LORD, O foolish11 and unwise people?12 Is he not your Father,13 your Creator,b who made you and formed you?14

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            • b 32:6 - Or "Father, who bought you"