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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Laadah Laadan Laban Labana Labor Laccunus Lace Lacedaemonians Lachet Lachish Lack Lacunus Lad Ladan Ladanum Ladder Ladder Of Tyre Lade Lade; Lading Laden Ladeth Lading Lady Lael Lahad Lahairoi Lahai-roi Lahai-Roi Lahmam Lahmas Lahmi Laish Laishah Lake Lake of Fire Lake Of Fire Lake Of Gennesaret Lakes Lakkum Lakum Lama Lamb Lamb, Lamb of God Lamb Of God Lambs Lame Lamech Lamedh Lament Lamentation Lamentations, Book of Lamentations, Book Of Lamentations of Jeremiah Lamentations, Theology of Lamp Lamp; Lampstand Lampsacus Lance; Lancer; Lancet Lancet Land Land Laws Landmark Land (of Israel) Lane Language Language Of The New Testament Languages Of The Old Testament Languish Lantern Laodicea Laodicea, Epistle from Laodiceans Laodiceans, Epistle To The Lap Lapidoth Lappidoth Lapping Lapwing Lasaea Lasciviousness Lasea Lasha Lashah Lasharon Lassharon Last Day Last Days Last Days at Sinai Last Day(s), Latter Days, Last Times Last Days of Abraham Lasthenes Last Judgment Last Supper Last Things Last Time, Times Latchet Latin Latin Versions Latin Version, The Old Latter Latter Days Lattice Laud Laughing-Stock Laughter Launch Laver Law Lawful Lawgiver Law In The New Testament Law In The Old Testament Law, Judicial Lawless Lawlessness Law of Christ Law of Moses Law, Roman Lawyer Laying on of Hands Laying on of hands Lay; Laying Lazarus Leach Lead Leadership Leaf Leaf, Leaves Leaf; Leaves League Leah Leannoth Leaping Leasing Leather Leathern Leaven Lebana Lebanah Lebanon Lebaoth Lebbaeus Lebbeus Lebonah Lecah Ledge Leech Leek Leeks Lees Left Left hand Lefthanded Left-handed Leg Legalism Legion Legislation, Of Sanctity Lehabim Lehi Lekah Lemuel Lend, Loan Lentiles Lentils Leopard Leper, Leprosy Leper; Leprosy Leprosy Leshem Lessau Let Lethech Letter Letters Letushim Leummim Levi Leviathan Levirate Law Levirate; Law Levis Levite Levites Levitical Cities Leviticus Leviticus, 1 Leviticus, 2 Leviticus, Theology of Levy Lewd; Lewdness Lewdness Libanus Libation Liberal; Liberality; Liberally Libertine Libertines Liberty Libnah Libni Libnites Libraries Library Of Nineveh Libya Libya; Libyans Lice Licence Lidebir Lie Lie, Lying Lie; Lying Liers-In-Wait Lieutenant Lieutenants Life Life, New Life, Tree Of Lift Light Light; Lightness Lightning Lign-aloes Lign aloes Lign-Aloes Ligure Like; Liken; Likeness; Liking Likeness of God Likhi Lilith Lily Lily-Work Lime Limit Line Lineage Linen Linen-yarn Lines Lintel Linus Lion Lions Lip Lips Liquor Lish List Listed Listen Listeth Literature, Sub-Apostolic, 1 Literature, Sub-Apostolic, 2 Litter Little Genesis Lively Lively; Living Liver Living Creature Living creatures Lizard lmri Loaf Lo-ammi Lo-Ammi Loan Loaves Lock Locks Locust Lod Loddeus Lo-debar Lo-Debar Lodge Lodge, To Lod; Lydda Loft Loftily; Loftiness; Lofty Log Logia, The Logos Loins Lois Longevity Longsuffering Look Looking-Glass Looking-glasses Loom Loop Lop Lord Lord Of Hosts Lords day Lord's Day Lords day, The Lords Of The Philistines Lords Prayer Lord's Prayer, The Lords Supper Lord's Supper; (Eucharist) Lord; The Lord Lo-ruhamah Lo-Ruhamah Loss Lot Lotan Lothasubus Lots Lots, Feast Of Lots, Feats of Lotus Trees Love Love, Brotherly Love Feast Love-Feast Love feasts Lovely Lover Loves Lovingkindness Low Country Lowering Loweth Lowing Lowland Lozon Lubim Lubims Lubin Lucas Lucifer Lucius Lucre Lud Ludim Lud; Ludim Luhith Luhith, Ascent Of Luke Luke-Acts, Theology of Luke, Gospel according to Luke, Gospel of Luke, The Evangelist Luke, The Gospel Of Lunatic Lunatic(K) Lunatics Lurk; Lurking-Place Lust Lute Luz Lycaonia Lycia Lydda Lydia Lydian Lye Lying Lysanias Lysias Lysias, Claudius Lysias Claudius Lysimachus Lystra The Law of Moses The Leopard The Lion The Locust Lord's Day, the Lord's Prayer, the Lord's Supper, the