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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Oabdius Oak Oak Of Tabor Oar Oath Obadiah Obadiah, Book of Obadiah, Book Of Obadiah, Theology of Obal Obdia Obed Obed-Edom Obed-edom Obedience Obedience; Obey Obedience Of Christ Obeisance Obelisk Obeth Obil Object Oblation Oboth Obscurity Observe Observer Of Times Obstinacy Obstinate Occasion Occupy Occurrent Ochielus Ochran Ochre, Red Ocidelus Ocina Ocran Oded Odes Of Solomon Odious Odollam Odomera Odor Of Offence Offence; Offend Offense Offering Offerings Offerings and Sacrifices Offer; Offering Office Officer Offices Of Christ Offscouring Offspring Oft Often Og Ohad Ohel Oholah Oholiab Oholibah Oholibamah Oil Oil, Anointing Oil, Beaten Oil, Holy Oil-Making Oil, Olive Oil Press Oil-tree Oil tree Oil Tree Ointment Olamus Old Old gate Old Gate Old Man Old Prophet, The Old Testament Old Testament Canon Old Testament Languages Oleaster Olive Olive Berries Olive, Grafted Olives, Mount of Olives, Mount Of Olivet Olive-tree Olive Tree Olive, Wild Olive Yard Olves, Mount of Olympas Olympius Omaerus Omar Omega Omens Omer Omnipotence Omnipotent Omnipresence Omniscience Omri On Onam Onan One One and Only Onesimus Onesiphorus Oniares Onias Onion Onions Only Begotten Ono On this wise On to Canaan On to Sinai Onus Onycha Onyx Open Open place Open Place Operation Ophel Ophir Ophni Ophrah Opinion Opobalsamum Oppression Or Oracle Oracles, Sibylline Orator Orator; Ortion Orchard Ordain Ordain; Ordination Order Order, New Ordinance Ordinances Of Heaven Ordination Oreb Oreb, The rock Oreb, The rock of Oreb; Zeeb Oren Organ Orion Ornament Ornaments, Personal Ornan Orpah Orphan Orphans Orthosia Osaias Osea Oseas Osee Oshea Oshe-a Osnappar Ospray Osprey Ossifrage Ostraca Ostrich Other Laws Othni Othniel Othni-el Othonias Ouches Ought Outcast Outer Outgoing Outlandish Outrage; Outrageous Outroads Outward Man Outwent Oven Overcharge Overcharged Overcome Overpass Overplus Overseer Owl Owl, Great Owl, Little Owl, Screech Owner Ox Ox goad Ox-Goad Ozem Ozias Oziel Ozni Oznites Ozora Old Testament in the New Testament, the The Ostrich