Purse [S]

  • Gr. balantion, a bag ( Luke 10:4 ; Luke 22:35 Luke 22:36 ).

  • Gr. zone, properly a girdle ( Matthew 10:9 ; Mark 6:8 ), a money-belt. As to our Lord's sending forth his disciples without money in their purses, the remark has been made that in this "there was no departure from the simple manners of the country. At this day the farmer sets out on excursions quite as extensive without a para in his purse; and a modern Moslem prophet of Tarshisha thus sends forth his apostles over this identical region. No traveller in the East would hestitate to throw himself on the hospitality of any village." Thomson's Land and the Book. (See SCRIP .)

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  • Purse, [E]

    a bag for money. The Hebrews, when on a journey, were provided with a bag, in which they carried their money, ( Genesis 42:35 ; Proverbs 1:14 ; 7:20 ; Isaiah 46:6 ) and, if they were merchants, also their weights. ( 25:13 ; Micah 6:11 ) This bag is described in the New Testament by the terms balantion (bag) ( Luke 10:4 ; 12:33 ; Luke 22:35 Luke 22:38 ) and glossokomon (originally the bag in which musicians carried the mouth-pieces of their Instruments). ( John 12:6 ; 13:29 ) The girdle also served as a purse. ( Matthew 10:9 ; Mark 6:8 ) Ladies wore ornamental purses. ( Isaiah 3:24 ) [E] indicates this entry was also found in Easton's Bible Dictionary

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