Isaiah 63:15-19 ESV

Prayer for Mercy

15 1Look down from heaven and see, 2from your holy and beautifula habitation. Where are 3your zeal and your might? The stirring of your inner parts and your compassion are held back from me.

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    • Ķ 63:15 - Or holy and glorious
      16 For 4you are our Father, though Abraham does not know us, and Israel does not acknowledge us; you, O LORD, are our Father, 5our Redeemer from of old is your name.

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      17 O LORD, why do you make us wander from your ways and 6harden our heart, so that we fear you not? 7Return for the sake of your servants, the tribes of your heritage.

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      18 8Your holy people held possession for a little while;b 9our adversaries have trampled down your sanctuary.

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        • ķ 63:18 - Or They have dispossessed your holy people for a little while
          19 10We have become like those over whom you have never ruled, like those who are not called by your name.

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