Jeremiah 2:1-7 ESV

Israel Forsakes the Lord

1 The word of the LORD came to me, saying,

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      2 "Go and proclaim in the hearing of Jerusalem, Thus says the LORD, "I remember the devotion of 1your youth, your love 2as a bride, 3how you followed me in the wilderness, 4in a land not sown.

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      3 5Israel was holy to the LORD, 6the firstfruits of his harvest. 7All who ate of it incurred guilt; disaster came upon them, declares the LORD."

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      4 Hear the word of the LORD, O house of Jacob, and all the clans of the house of Israel.
      5 Thus says the LORD: 8"What wrong did your fathers find in me that they went far from me, 9and went after 10worthlessness, and became worthless?

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      6 They did not say, 11'Where is the LORD who brought us up from the land of Egypt, who led us 12in the wilderness, in a land of deserts and pits, in a land of drought and deep darkness, in a land that none passes through, where no man dwells?'

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      7 13And I brought you into a plentiful land to enjoy its fruits and its good things. But when you came in, 14you defiled my land and made my heritage an abomination.

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