Mark 14:17-27 ESV

17 1And when it was evening, he came with the twelve.

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18 And as they were reclining at table and eating, 2Jesus said, "Truly, I say to you, one of you will betray me, 3one who is eating with me."

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19 They began to be sorrowful and to say to him one after another, "Is it I?"
20 He said to them, "It is 4one of the twelve, 5one who is dipping bread into the dish with me.

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    • 823 14:20 - ver. 10
    • 824 14:20 - [See ver. 18 above]
      21 For the Son of Man goes 6as it is written of him, but 7woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! 8It would have been better for that man if he had not been born."

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      Institution of the Lord's Supper

      22 9And as they were eating, he took bread, and after 10blessing it broke it and gave it to them, and said, "Take; 11this is my body."

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      23 And he took a cup, and when he had 12given thanks he gave it to them, and they all drank of it.

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      24 And he said to them, 13"This is my 14blood of thea covenant, which is poured out for 15many.

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        • ¥ 14:24 - Some manuscripts insert new
          25 Truly, I say to you, I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God."

          Jesus Foretells Peter's Denial

          26 16And when they had sung a hymn, 17they went out to 18the Mount of Olives.

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              27 And Jesus said to them, "You will all fall away, for it is written, 'I will 19strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.'

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