Exodus 38:24-26 NIV

24 The total amount of the gold from the wave offering used for all the work on the sanctuary1 was 29 talents and 730 shekels,a according to the sanctuary shekel.2

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    • i 38:24 - The weight of the gold was a little over one ton (about 1 metric ton).
      25 The silver obtained from those of the community who were counted in the census3 was 100 talents and "1,775 shekels,b according to the sanctuary shekel--

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        • j 38:25 - The weight of the silver was a little over 3 3/4 tons (about 3.4 metric tons).
          26 one beka per person,4 that is, half a shekel,c according to the sanctuary shekel,5 from everyone who had crossed over to those counted, twenty years old or more,6 a total of 603,550 men.7

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            • k 38:26 - That is, about 1/5 ounce (about 5.5 grams)