Exodus 40:1-11 NIV

Setting Up the Tabernacle

1 Then the LORD said to Moses:

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      2 "Set up1 the tabernacle, the Tent of Meeting,2 on the first day of the first month.3

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          3 Place the ark4 of the Testimony in it and shield the ark with the curtain.

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          4 Bring in the table5 and set out what belongs on it.6 Then bring in the lampstand7 and set up its lamps.

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              5 Place the gold altar8 of incense in front of the ark of the Testimony and put the curtain at the entrance to the tabernacle.

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                  6 "Place the altar9 of burnt offering in front of the entrance to the tabernacle, the Tent of Meeting;

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                  7 place the basin10 between the Tent of Meeting and the altar and put water in it.

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                  8 Set up the courtyard11 around it and put the curtain at the entrance to the courtyard.

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                  9 "Take the anointing oil and anoint12 the tabernacle and everything in it; consecrate it and all its furnishings,13 and it will be holy.

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                  10 Then anoint the altar of burnt offering and all its utensils; consecrate14 the altar, and it will be most holy.

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                  11 Anoint the basin and its stand and consecrate them.