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Genesis 6:17-22 (New International Version)

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17 I am going to bring floodwaters1 on the earth to destroy all life under the heavens, every creature that has the breath of life in it. Everything on earth will perish.2 18 But I will establish my covenant with you,3 and you will enter the ark4--you and your sons and your wife and your sons' wives with you. 19 You are to bring into the ark two of all living creatures, male and female, to keep them alive with you.5 20 Two6 of every kind of bird, of every kind of animal and of every kind7 of creature that moves along the ground will come to you to be kept alive.8 21 You are to take every kind of food that is to be eaten and store it away as food for you and for them." 22 Noah did everything just as God commanded him.9
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