1 Kings 7:18-28 GNT

18 and two rows of bronze pomegranates.
19 The capitals were shaped like lilies, 6 feet tall,
20 and were placed on a rounded section which was above the chain design. There were 200 pomegranates in two rows around each a capital.

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    • u 7:20 - [One ancient translation] each; [Hebrew] the second.
      21 Huram placed these two bronze columns in front of the entrance of the Temple: the one on the south side was named Jachin b and the one on the north was named Boaz. c

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        • v 7:21 - jachin: [This name sounds like the Hebrew for "he (God) establishes."]
        • w 7:21 - boaz: [This name sounds like the Hebrew for "by his (God's) strength."]
          22 The lily-shaped bronze capitals were on top of the columns. And so the work on the columns was completed.
          23 Huram made a round tank of bronze, 7 1/2 feet deep, 15 feet in diameter, and 45 feet in circumference.
          24 All around the outer edge of the rim of the tank d were two rows of bronze gourds, which had been cast all in one piece with the rest of the tank.

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            • x 7:24 - [Probable text] All around . . . tank; [Hebrew unclear.]
              25 The tank rested on the backs of twelve bronze bulls that faced outward, three facing in each direction.
              26 The sides of the tank were 3 inches thick. Its rim was like the rim of a cup, curving outward like the petals of a lily. The tank held about 10,000 gallons.
              27 Huram also made ten bronze carts; each was 6 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 4 1/2 feet high.
              28 They were made of square panels which were set in frames,