Ezekiel 1:1-6 GNT

1 On the fifth day of the fourth month of the thirtieth year, a I, Ezekiel the priest, son of Buzi, was living with the Jewish exiles by the Chebar River in Babylonia. The sky opened, and I saw a vision of God. 1

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    • 1 1:1 - 1.1 Rev 19.11.
    • a 1:1 - thirtieth year: [It is not known to what year this refers.]
      2 It was the fifth year since King Jehoiachin had been taken into exile.) 2

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        • 2 1:2 - 1.2 2 K 24.10-16; 2 Ch 36.9, 10.
          3 There in Babylonia beside the Chebar River, I heard the Lord speak to me, and I felt his power.
          4 I looked up and saw a windstorm coming from the north. Lightning was flashing from a huge cloud, and the sky around it was glowing. Where the lightning was flashing, something shone like bronze.
          5 At the center of the storm I saw what looked like four living creatures in human form, 3

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            • 3 1:5 - 1.5 Rev 4.6.
              6 but each of them had four faces and four wings.