Ezekiel 7:1-7 GNT

1 The Lord spoke to me.
2 "Mortal man," he said, "this is what I, the Sovereign Lord, am saying to the land of Israel: This is the end for the whole land!
3 "Israel, the end has come. You will feel my anger, because I am judging you for what you have done. I will pay you back for all your disgusting conduct.
4 I will not spare you or show you any mercy. I am going to punish you for the disgusting things you have done, so that you will know that I am the Lord."
5 This is what the Sovereign Lord is saying: "One disaster after another is coming on you.
6 It's all over. This is the end. You are finished.
7 The end is coming for you people who live in the land. The time is near when there will be no more celebrations at the mountain shrines, only confusion. a

References for Ezekiel 7:7

    • j 7:7 - [Probable text] celebrations . . . confusion; [Hebrew unclear.]