1 The Lord said to me, "Go again and show your love for a woman who is committing adultery with a lover. You must love her just as I still love the people of Israel, even though they turn to other gods and like to take offerings of raisins to idols."

References for Hosea 3:1

    • a 3:1 - The Lord . . . again; [or] The Lord spoke to me again. He said, "Go . . ."
    • b 3:1 - offerings of raisins to idols: [Dried grapes were used in the worship of fertility gods, who were believed to give abundant harvests to their worshipers.]
      2 So I paid fifteen pieces of silver and seven bushels of barley to buy her.
      3 I told her that for a long time she would have to wait for me without being a prostitute or committing adultery; and during this time I would wait for her.
      4 In just this way the people of Israel will have to live for a long time without kings or leaders, without sacrifices or sacred stone pillars, without idols or images to use for divination.
      5 But the time will come when the people of Israel will once again turn to the Lord their God and to a descendant of David their king. Then they will fear the Lord and will receive his good gifts.