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Isaiah 15 GNT

1 This is a message about Moab. 1 The cities of Ar and Kir are destroyed in a single night, and silence covers the land of Moab.

References for Isaiah 15:1

    • 42 15:1 - 15.1--16.14 Is 25.10-12; Jr 48.1-47; Ez 25.8-11; Am 2.1-3; Zep 2.8-11.
      2 The people of Dibon climb the hill to weep at the shrine. The people of Moab wail in grief over the cities of Nebo and Medeba; they have shaved their heads and their beards in grief.

      References for Isaiah 15:2

        • a 15:2 - [Probable text] people of Dibon; [Hebrew] people and Dibon.
          3 The people in the streets are dressed in sackcloth; in the city squares and on the rooftops people mourn and cry.
          4 The people of Heshbon and Elealeh cry out, and their cry can be heard as far away as Jahaz. Even the soldiers tremble; their courage is gone.
          5 My heart cries out for Moab! The people have fled to the town of Zoar, and to Eglath Shelishiyah. Some climb the road to Luhith, weeping as they go; some escape to Horonaim, grieving loudly.
          6 Nimrim Brook is dry, the grass beside it has withered, and nothing green is left.
          7 The people go across the Valley of Willows, trying to escape with all their possessions.
          8 Everywhere at Moab's borders the sound of crying is heard. It is heard at the towns of Eglaim and Beerelim.
          9 At the town of Dibon the river is red with blood, and God has something even worse in store for the people there. Yes, there will be a bloody slaughter of everyone left in Moab.