10 I thought that in the prime of life I was going to the world of the dead, Never to live out my life.
11 I thought that in this world of the living I would never again see the Lord Or any living person.
12 My life was cut off and ended, Like a tent that is taken down, Like cloth that is cut from a loom. I thought that God was ending my life.
References for Isaiah 38:12
    • b 38:12 - I thought . . . my life; [Hebrew unclear.]
      13 All night I cried out with pain, As if a lion were breaking my bones. I thought that God was ending my life.
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        • c 38:13 - [Verse 13 in Hebrew is unclear.]
          14 My voice was thin and weak, And I moaned like a dove. My eyes grew tired from looking to heaven. Lord, rescue me from all this trouble.
          15 What can I say? The Lord has done this. My heart is bitter, and I cannot sleep.
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            • d 38:15 - [One ancient translation suggests] I cannot sleep; [Hebrew unclear.]
              16 Lord, I will live for you, for you alone; Heal me and let me live.
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                • e 38:16 - [Verses 15 and 16 in Hebrew are unclear.]
                  17 My bitterness will turn into peace. You save my life from all danger; You forgive all my sins.
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                    • f 38:17 - [Some ancient translations] save; [Hebrew] love.
                      18 No one in the world of the dead can praise you; 1 The dead cannot trust in your faithfulness.
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                      19 It is the living who praise you, As I praise you now. Parents tell their children how faithful you are.
                      20 Lord, you have healed me. We will play harps and sing your praise, Sing praise in your Temple as long as we live.
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                        • g 38:20 - [Verses 21-22 are placed after verse 6.]