Jeremiah 15:1-6 GNT

1 Then the Lord said to me, "Even if Moses and Samuel were standing here pleading with me, I would not show these people any mercy. Make them go away; make them get out of my sight. 1

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    • 19 15:1 - 15.1 a Ex 32.11-14; Nu 14.13-19; b 1 S 7.5-9.
      2 When they ask you where they should go, tell them that I have said: 2 Some are doomed to die by disease - that's where they will go! Others are doomed to die in war - that's where they will go! Some are doomed to die of starvation - that's where they will go! Others are doomed to be taken away as prisoners - that's where they will go!

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        • 20 15:2 - 15.2 Rev 13.10.
          3 I, the Lord, have decided that four terrible things will happen to them: they will be killed in war; their bodies will be dragged off by dogs; birds will eat them, and wild animals will devour what is left over.
          4 I will make all the people of the world horrified at them because of what Hezekiah's son Manasseh did in Jerusalem when he was king of Judah." 3

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            • 21 15:4 - 15.4 2 K 21.1-16; 2 Ch 33.1-9.
              5 The Lord says, "Who will pity you, people of Jerusalem, and who will grieve over you? Who will stop long enough to ask how you are?
              6 You people have rejected me; you have turned your backs on me. So I reached out and crushed you because I was tired of controlling my anger. a

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                • s 15:6 - you because . . . anger; [or] you; I was tired of feeling sorry for you.