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Judges 13:7 GNT

7 But he did tell me that I would become pregnant and have a son. He told me not to drink any wine or beer, or eat any forbidden food, because the boy is to be dedicated to God as a nazirite as long as he lives."

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  • 1 13:5 - 13.5 Nu 6.1-5.
  • a 13:5 - nazirite: [A person who showed devotion to God by taking vows not to drink wine or beer or allow any hair to be cut or touch corpses (see Nu 6.1-8).]
  • b 13:6 - the angel; [or] an angel.
  • c 13:18 - name of wonder; [or] mysterious name.
  • d 13:19 - [Some ancient translations] who works wonders; [Hebrew] and working wonders while Manoah and his wife watched.