Lamentations 4:11-21 GNT

11 The Lord turned loose the full force of his fury; he lit a fire in Zion that burned it to the ground.
12 No one anywhere, not even rulers of foreign nations, believed that any invader could enter Jerusalem's gates.
13 But it happened, because her prophets sinned and her priests were guilty of causing the death of innocent people.
14 Her leaders wandered through the streets as though blind, so stained with blood that no one would touch them.
15 "Get away!" people shouted. "You're defiled! Don't touch me!" So they wandered from nation to nation, welcomed by no one.
16 The Lord had no more concern for them; he scattered them himself. He showed no regard for our priests and leaders.
17 For help that never came, we looked until we could look no longer. We kept waiting for help from a nation that had none to give.
18 The enemy was watching for us; we could not even walk in the streets. Our days were over; the end had come.
19 Swifter than eagles swooping from the sky, they chased us down. They tracked us down in the hills; they took us by surprise in the desert.
20 They captured the source of our life, the king the Lord had chosen, the one we had trusted to protect us from every invader.
21 Laugh on, people of Edom and Uz; be glad while you can. Your disaster is coming too; you too will stagger naked in shame.