Numbers 15:10-20 GNT

10 together with 4 pints of wine. The odor of this sacrifice is pleasing to the Lord.
11 That is what shall be offered with each bull, ram, sheep, or goat.
12 When more than one animal is offered, the accompanying offering is to be increased proportionately.
13 All native Israelites are to do this when they present a food offering, an odor pleasing to the Lord.
14 And if at any time foreigners living among you, whether on a temporary or a permanent basis, make a food offering, an odor that pleases the Lord, they are to observe the same regulations.
15 For all time to come, the same a rules are binding on you and on the foreigners who live among you. You and they are alike in the Lord's sight;

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    • m 15:15 - [Some ancient translations] the same; [Hebrew] the congregation the same.
      16 the same laws and regulations apply to you and to them. 1

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        • 26 15:16 - 15.16 Lv 24.22.
          17 The Lord gave Moses
          18 the following regulations for the people of Israel to observe in the land that he was going to give them.
          19 When any food produced there is eaten, some of it is to be set aside as a special contribution to the Lord.
          20 When you bake bread, the first loaf of the first bread made from the new grain is to be presented as a special contribution to the Lord. This is to be presented in the same way as the special contribution you make from the grain you thresh.