Numbers 5:1-11 GNT

1 The Lord said to Moses,
2 "Command the people of Israel to expel from the camp everyone with a dreaded skin disease or a bodily discharge and everyone who is unclean by contact with a corpse.
3 Send all these ritually unclean people out, so that they will not defile the camp, where I live among my people."
4 The Israelites obeyed and expelled them all from the camp.
5 The Lord gave Moses 1

References for Numbers 5:5

    • 5 5:5 - 5.5-8 Lv 6.1-7.
      6 the following instructions for the people of Israel. When any of you are unfaithful to the Lord and commit a wrong against someone,
      7 you must confess your sin and make full repayment, plus an additional 20 percent, to the person you have wronged.
      8 But if that person has died and has no near relative to whom payment can be made, it shall be given to the Lord for the priest. This payment is in addition to the ram used to perform the ritual of purification for the guilty person.
      9 Also every special contribution which the Israelites offer to the Lord belongs to the priest to whom they present it.
      10 Each priest shall keep the offerings presented to him.
      11 The Lord commanded Moses