Proverbs 16:13-23 GNT

13 A king wants to hear the truth and will favor those who speak it.
14 A wise person will try to keep the king happy; if the king becomes angry, someone may die.
15 The king's favor is like the clouds that bring rain in the springtime - life is there.
16 It is better - much better - to have wisdom and knowledge than gold and silver.
17 Those who are good travel a road that avoids evil; so watch where you are going - it may save your life.
18 Pride leads to destruction, and arrogance to downfall.
19 It is better to be humble and stay poor than to be one of the arrogant and get a share of their loot.
20 Pay attention to what you are taught, and you will be successful; trust in the Lord and you will be happy.
21 A wise, mature person is known for his understanding. The more pleasant his words, the more persuasive he is.
22 Wisdom is a fountain of life to the wise, but trying to educate stupid people is a waste of time.
23 Intelligent people think before they speak; what they say is then more persuasive.