Psalm 21; Psalm 22; Psalm 23; Psalm 24; Psalm 25

1 The king is glad, O Lord, because you gave him strength; he rejoices because you made him victorious. 2 You have given him his heart's desire; you have answered his request. 3 You came to him with great blessings and set a crown of gold on his head. 4 He asked for life, and you gave it, a long and lasting life. 5 His glory is great because of your help; you have given him fame and majesty. 6 Your blessings are with him forever, and your presence fills him with joy. 7 The king trusts in the Lord Almighty; and because of the Lord's constant love he will always be secure. 8 The king will capture all his enemies; he will capture everyone who hates him. 9 He will destroy them like a blazing fire when he appears. The Lord will devour them in his anger, and fire will consume them. 10 None of their descendants will survive; the king will kill them all. 11 They make their plans, and plot against him, but they will not succeed. 12 He will shoot his arrows at them and make them turn and run. 13 We praise you, Lord, for your great strength! We will sing and praise your power.
1 My God, my God, why have you abandoned me? I have cried desperately for help, but still it does not come. 2 During the day I call to you, my God, but you do not answer; I call at night, but get no rest. 3 But you are enthroned as the Holy One, the one whom Israel praises. 4 Our ancestors put their trust in you; they trusted you, and you saved them. 5 They called to you and escaped from danger; they trusted you and were not disappointed. 6 But I am no longer a human being; I am a worm, despised and scorned by everyone! 7 All who see me make fun of me; they stick out their tongues and shake their heads. 8 "You relied on the Lord," they say. "Why doesn't he save you? If the Lord likes you, why doesn't he help you?" 9 It was you who brought me safely through birth, and when I was a baby, you kept me safe. 10 I have relied on you since the day I was born, and you have always been my God. 11 Do not stay away from me! Trouble is near, and there is no one to help. 12 Many enemies surround me like bulls; they are all around me, like fierce bulls from the land of Bashan. 13 They open their mouths like lions, roaring and tearing at me. 14 My strength is gone, gone like water spilled on the ground. All my bones are out of joint; my heart is like melted wax. 15 My throat is as dry as dust, and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth. You have left me for dead in the dust. 16 An evil gang is around me; like a pack of dogs they close in on me; they tear at my hands and feet. 17 All my bones can be seen. My enemies look at me and stare. 18 They gamble for my clothes and divide them among themselves. 19 O Lord, don't stay away from me! Come quickly to my rescue! 20 Save me from the sword; save my life from these dogs. 21 Rescue me from these lions; I am helpless before these wild bulls. 22 I will tell my people what you have done; I will praise you in their assembly: 23 "Praise him, you servants of the Lord! Honor him, you descendants of Jacob! Worship him, you people of Israel! 24 He does not neglect the poor or ignore their suffering; he does not turn away from them, but answers when they call for help." 25 In the full assembly I will praise you for what you have done; in the presence of those who worship you I will offer the sacrifices I promised. 26 The poor will eat as much as they want; those who come to the Lord will praise him. May they prosper forever! 27 All nations will remember the Lord. From every part of the world they will turn to him; all races will worship him. 28 The Lord is king, and he rules the nations. 29 All proud people will bow down to him; all mortals will bow down before him. 30 Future generations will serve him; they will speak of the Lord to the coming generation. 31 People not yet born will be told: "The Lord saved his people."
1 The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need. 2 He lets me rest in fields of green grass and leads me to quiet pools of fresh water. 3 He gives me new strength. He guides me in the right paths, as he has promised. 4 Even if I go through the deepest darkness, I will not be afraid, Lord, for you are with me. Your shepherd's rod and staff protect me 5 You prepare a banquet for me, where all my enemies can see me; you welcome me as an honored guest and fill my cup to the brim. 6 I know that your goodness and love will be with me all my life; and your house will be my home as long as I live.
1 The world and all that is in it belong to the Lord; the earth and all who live on it are his. 2 He built it on the deep waters beneath the earth and laid its foundations in the ocean depths. 3 Who has the right to go up the Lord's hill? Who may enter his holy Temple? 4 Those who are pure in act and in thought, who do not worship idols or make false promises. 5 The Lord will bless them and save them; God will declare them innocent. 6 Such are the people who come to God, who come into the presence of the God of Jacob. 7 Fling wide the gates, open the ancient doors, and the great king will come in. 8 Who is this great king? He is the Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord, victorious in battle. 9 Fling wide the gates, open the ancient doors, and the great king will come in. 10 Who is this great king? The triumphant Lord - he is the great king!
1 To you, O Lord, I offer my prayer; 2 in you, my God, I trust. Save me from the shame of defeat; don't let my enemies gloat over me! 3 Defeat does not come to those who trust in you, but to those who are quick to rebel against you. 4 Teach me your ways, O Lord; make them known to me. 5 Teach me to live according to your truth, for you are my God, who saves me. I always trust in you. 6 Remember, O Lord, your kindness and constant love which you have shown from long ago. 7 Forgive the sins and errors of my youth. In your constant love and goodness, remember me, Lord! 8 Because the Lord is righteous and good, he teaches sinners the path they should follow. 9 He leads the humble in the right way and teaches them his will. 10 With faithfulness and love he leads all who keep his covenant and obey his commands. 11 Keep your promise, Lord, and forgive my sins, for they are many. 12 Those who have reverence for the Lord will learn from him the path they should follow. 13 They will always be prosperous, and their children will possess the land. 14 The Lord is the friend of those who obey him and he affirms his covenant with them. 15 I look to the Lord for help at all times, and he rescues me from danger. 16 Turn to me, Lord, and be merciful to me, because I am lonely and weak. 17 Relieve me of my worries and save me from all my troubles. 18 Consider my distress and suffering and forgive all my sins. 19 See how many enemies I have; see how much they hate me. 20 Protect me and save me; keep me from defeat. I come to you for safety. 21 May my goodness and honesty preserve me, because I trust in you. 22 From all their troubles, O God, save your people Israel!