Psalm 103:14-22 GNT

14 He knows what we are made of; he remembers that we are dust.
15 As for us, our life is like grass. We grow and flourish like a wild flower;
16 then the wind blows on it, and it is gone - no one sees it again.
17 But for those who honor the Lord, his love lasts forever, and his goodness endures for all generations
18 of those who are true to his covenant and who faithfully obey his commands.
19 The Lord placed his throne in heaven; he is king over all.
20 Praise the Lord, you strong and mighty angels, who obey his commands, who listen to what he says.
21 Praise the Lord, all you heavenly powers, you servants of his, who do his will!
22 Praise the Lord, all his creatures in all the places he rules. Praise the Lord, my soul!