Psalm 135:1-7 GNT

1 Praise the Lord! Praise his name, you servants of the Lord,
2 who stand in the Lord's house, in the Temple of our God.
3 Praise the Lord, because he is good; sing praises to his name, because he is kind. a

References for Psalms 135:3

    • Ú 135:3 - he is kind; [or] it is pleasant to do so.
      4 He chose Jacob for himself, the people of Israel for his own.
      5 I know that our Lord is great, greater than all the gods.
      6 He does whatever he wishes in heaven and on earth, in the seas and in the depths below.
      7 He brings storm clouds from the ends of the earth; he makes lightning for the storms, and he brings out the wind from his storeroom.