Romans 2:1-6 GNT

1 Do you, my friend, pass judgment on others? You have no excuse at all, whoever you are. For when you judge others and then do the same things which they do, you condemn yourself. 1

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    • 7 2:1 - 2.1 Mt 7.1; Lk 6.37.
      2 We know that God is right when he judges the people who do such things as these.
      3 But you, my friend, do those very things for which you pass judgment on others! Do you think you will escape God's judgment?
      4 Or perhaps you despise his great kindness, tolerance, and patience. Surely you know that God is kind, because he is trying to lead you to repent. 2

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        • 8 2:4 - +22.4 Ws 11.23.
          5 But you have a hard and stubborn heart, and so you are making your own punishment even greater on the Day when God's anger and righteous judgments will be revealed.
          6 For God will reward each of us according to what we have done. 3

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