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Zephaniah 3:13 GNT

13 The people of Israel who survive will do no wrong to anyone, tell no lies, nor try to deceive. They will be prosperous and secure, afraid of no one." 1

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    • 7 3:13 - 3.13 Rev 14.5.

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      • 1 3:13 - 3.13 Rev 14.5.
      • a 3:7 - [Some ancient translations] they would never forget; [Hebrew] their dwelling would not be cut off.
      • b 3:10 - [Hebrew] Cush: [Cush is the ancient name of the extensive territory south of the First Cataract of the Nile River. This region was called Ethiopia in Graeco-Roman times, and included within its borders most of modern Sudan and some of present-day Ethiopia (Abyssinia).]
      • c 3:11 - sacred hill: [Mount Zion (see Zion in Word List).]
      • d 3:17 - [Some ancient translations] give you new life; [Hebrew] be silent.
      • e 3:18 - [Verse 18 in Hebrew is unclear.]