Ezekiel 1:23-28 GW

23 Under the dome, each creature had two wings that were stretched out straight, touching one another. Each creature had two wings that covered its body.
24 When the creatures moved, I heard the sound of their wings. The sound was like the noise of rushing water, like the thunder of the Almighty, like the commotion in an army camp. When the creatures stood still, they lowered their wings.
25 A voice came from above the dome over their heads as they stood still with their wings lowered.
26 Above the dome over their heads was something that looked like a throne made of sapphire. On the throne was a figure that looked like a human.
27 Then I saw what he looked like from the waist up. He looked like glowing bronze with fire all around it. From the waist down, he looked like fire. A bright light surrounded him.
28 The brightness all around him looked like a rainbow in the clouds. It was like the LORD's glory. When I saw it, I immediately bowed down, and I heard someone speaking.