Ezekiel 42:1-6 GW

1 Then the man led me out toward the north to the outer courtyard. He brought me to the side rooms opposite both the open area and the northern building.
2 The building that faced north was 175 feet long and 87½ feet wide.
3 Opposite the inner courtyard was an area that was 35 feet wide, and opposite the pavement of the outer courtyard were corridors facing corridors on all three stories.
4 In front of the side rooms was a walkway, 17½ feet wide and 175 feet long. The doors of these side rooms faced north.
5 The side rooms on the third story were narrower than those on the first or second stories of the building because the corridors took space away from them.
6 The rooms were in three stories. They didn't have pillars like the pillars in the courtyards. That is why the rooms on the third story were set farther back than those on the first and second stories.