Hebrews 8:1-6 GW

1 The main point we want to make is this: We do have this kind of chief priest. This chief priest has received the highest position, the throne of majesty in heaven.
2 He serves as priest of the holy place and of the true tent set up by the Lord and not by any human.
3 Every chief priest is appointed to offer gifts and sacrifices. Therefore, this chief priest had to offer something.
4 If he were on earth, he would not even be a priest. On earth [other] priests offer gifts by following the instructions that Moses gave.
5 They serve at a place that is a pattern, a shadow, of what is in heaven. When Moses was about to make the tent, God warned him, "Be sure to make everything based on the plan I showed you on the mountain."
6 Jesus has been given a priestly work that is superior to the Levitical priests' work. He also brings a better promise from God that is based on better guarantees.