Jeremiah 6:1-6 GW

1 "Take cover, people of Benjamin! Run away from Jerusalem! Blow the ram's horn in Tekoa. Raise the flag over Beth Hakkerem, because disaster and widespread destruction are coming from the north.
2 "My people Zion are like lovely pastures.
3 With their flocks, shepherds will come to them, pitch their tents all around them, and each of them will tend his own flock.
4 [The shepherds say,] 'Prepare yourselves for war against Zion. Let's attack at noon! How horrible it will be for us. The day is passing, and the shadows of evening are growing longer.
5 Let's attack at night and destroy its palaces.'"
6 This is what the LORD of Armies says: Cut down its trees. Build up dirt mounds to attack Jerusalem. This city must be punished. There is nothing but oppression in it.