Proverbs 16:13-23 GW

13 Kings are happy with honest words, and whoever speaks what is right is loved.
14 A king's anger announces death, but a wise man makes peace with him.
15 When the king is cheerful, there is life, and his favor is like a cloud bringing spring rain.
16 How much better it is to gain wisdom than gold, and the gaining of understanding should be chosen over silver.
17 The highway of decent people turns away from evil. Whoever watches his way preserves his own life.
18 Pride precedes a disaster, and an arrogant attitude precedes a fall.
19 Better to be humble with lowly people than to share stolen goods with arrogant people.
20 Whoever gives attention to the LORD's word prospers, and blessed is the person who trusts the LORD.
21 The person who is truly wise is called understanding, and speaking sweetly helps others learn.
22 Understanding is a fountain of life to the one who has it, but stubborn fools punish themselves with their stupidity.
23 A wise person's heart controls his speech, and what he says helps others learn.