1 My son, if you guarantee a loan for your neighbor or pledge yourself for a stranger with a handshake,
2 you are trapped by the words of your own mouth, caught by your own promise.
3 Do the following things, my son, so that you may free yourself, because you have fallen into your neighbor's hands: Humble yourself, and pester your neighbor.
4 Don't let your eyes rest or your eyelids close.
5 Free yourself like a gazelle from the hand of a hunter and like a bird from the hand of a hunter.
6 Consider the ant, you lazy bum. Watch its ways, and become wise.
7 Although it has no overseer, officer, or ruler,
8 in summertime it stores its food supply. At harvest time it gathers its food.
9 How long will you lie there, you lazy bum? When will you get up from your sleep?
10 "Just a little sleep, just a little slumber, just a little nap."
11 Then your poverty will come [to you] like a drifter, and your need will come [to you] like a bandit.
12 A good-for-nothing scoundrel is a person who has a dishonest mouth.
13 He winks his eye, makes a signal with his foot, [and] points with his fingers.
14 He devises evil all the time with a twisted mind. He spreads conflict.
15 That is why disaster will come on him suddenly. In a moment he will be crushed beyond recovery.
16 There are six things that the LORD hates, even seven that are disgusting to him:
17 arrogant eyes, a lying tongue, hands that kill innocent people,
18 a mind devising wicked plans, feet that are quick to do wrong,
19 a dishonest witness spitting out lies, and a person who spreads conflict among relatives.